Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis and improve your life.

When you are ready to stop smoking, but you don't want to go it alone because you have already tried that (and probably a lot of other stuff besides just quitting cold turkey) then it is time to consider getting the help you need.

It is time to consider whether you should stop smoking with hypnosis. 

Read what some of our clients have written about their experience stopping smoking with hypnosis. Of course, they are who they are and you are who you are, so your response will probably differ from theirs in one or more ways.

As you read you can start to get the idea that hypnosis really can help some people quit smoking. And you can start wondering if you are one of the people who can be helped.

Then it will be time to pick up the phone and call for a free hypnotic screening, so we can determine if you are someone who is likely to benefit from this approach.

    "I couldn’t believe how easy it is. I walked out of there and I never thought of a cigarette. Or if you do think of it, the thought just rolls off.

    "And the experience was so relaxing – and I didn’t think I could be hypnotized. It’s such a calm feeling after the session. It’s such a great feeling."  -- Mirielle H


    "Quite simply: IT WORKS. As a 40+ year smoker (roughly 464,000 cigarettes) who had tried over the last 20 years the stop smoking fad of that year-- including two attempts with hypnosis. None worked. So I came to you with a great deal of skepticism which was somewhat relieved with your guarantee.

    "After the hour with you, I have not smoked, did not experience any nicotine withdrawals and as importantly have not picked up a cross addiction like food or candy. As a matter of fact I continued on the Atkins diet I had started two weeks before. My wife can testify to the fact I did not --as I had in all other previous attempts -- get emotional edgy, grouchy, or down right miserable to be around. Most days I don't remember that I smoked. When I do, it is a passing thought at best. Thank you."

    – Michael N


The purpose of my email is to let you know that I did quit smoking for good! The last hypnosis I did worked perfectly and I do not see myself taking the habit again. I believe it has been about 2 years and I am so happy and healthy. I got married in May and I am very happy. Do you still do hypnosis for smoking cessation? I would like to recommendyour service to some friends. Thanks Again! What a relief to stop.    -- Sandra R


"I feel TERRIBLE that I haven’t written before now as you made my life so WONDERFUL with the smoking cessation. I cannot believe how easy it was. I cannot believe how much I didn’t think about it – how much it wasn’t even on my radar. (Clearly, so far from my radar that I couldn’t even give you glowing feedback! I’m so sorry!)

"It’s amazing how easy it becomes to not smoke. The only reason why I even thought about it is to notice I wasn’t thinking about it."  – Bree B


Here are more success stories to help you learn how others stop smoking with hypnosis.

I wanted to update you on my new non-smoking life. The very next day after my session I spent it with my daughter and two grandchildren. When I met them at their home on Saturday morning, it was like I had seen the grandchildren the day before -- and I did but only in my mind when I promised them that I would not smoke and would remain a non-smoker for the rest of my life.

Even though it has not yet been a week, I have no thought about smoking like I had in the past. I golfed with my sister today (who smokes) and she was in the golf cart with me for 4 hours -- and it did not bother me.

I would like to keep in touch with you to give you my progress. I am looking forward to Saturday (June 30) as it will mark two special life events -- (1) participating in my first 5K run, and (2) will be smoke free for 8 days-the longest time in 34 years.

Thanks again for your commitment in helping people like me kick the smoke habit!   -- Linda K.


Hello Virginia,

I came across this e-mail and wanted you to know that I am still a non-smoker. It was 3 years this past June. I feel like I never even smoked.

Thanks again for your help!



Imagine Where You Can Be in a Year

You've read other people's stories. You saw them stop smoking with hypnosis. You know that they got their results by making a decision and following through on it, and that hypnosis helped then do it. Each person's situation in unique. Each person's results are unique. Your results will be different from anyone else's.

You already know what will happen if you don't make any changes to your lifestyle. But now that you know  what others have done, you can allow yourself to dream again -- about really living the healthy life you want. Imagine where you can be in a year, breathing better, felling better, feeling proud of yourself. Just pick up the phone and make the call. Call Illini Hypnosis right now to schedule your free screening. To learn more about how hypnosis may work for you in your life, call now for your free screening.

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